Getting Your Jersey City Apartment Floors Restored is Easy!

What we do:

Jersey City Hardwood Flooring is your elite flooring company based in Jersey City, NJ. Most of our clients are modern and professional homeowners or families who are looking for a high-quality, hassle-free service.

When you work with Jersey City Hardwood Flooring, you are taking advantage of:

  • Working with experienced professionals, who will provide you with the results you’ve been looking for
  • Scheduling the service quickly and easily and having it completed within the agreed time frame
  • Excellent customer service throughout

At Jersey City Hardwood Flooring we strive to provide you with the best possible service and our approach is to always involve you when making decisions – just as any expert would.

How we got here:

My name is Charles Martinez and I am the founder of Jersey City Hardwood Flooring. I’ve been in the painting business for over 20 years now and I noticed a ton of issues within the flooring installation industry. At , we are and we will continue to do our best to solve and prevent those issues and be the reliable partner you need. Our customers are the reason we exist and our promise is to treat you like family. We will never lose our focus on what’s important – providing you with the service you deserve from the first phone call to the completion of the job.

How we can work together:

If you are planning a renovation of your home or you are already in the middle of one and your current painting contractor cannot meet your needs, you will be in good hands if you hire Jersey City Hardwood Flooring.

The process of working with us is simple:

  • Contact us at with information about your project – what exactly do you need, what is the size and condition of the property, anything else you consider important.
  • Book a free in-home estimate at your convenience.
  • We provide a quote with final price and time frame. We’re also happy to give you tips specifically for your home.
  • We start the work.
  • You, enjoy the results!
It’s as simple as that!

Renovating your home is stressful enough – choose a reliable company that will get the job done! Contact Jersey City Hardwood Flooring today.